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10 Women Tell Us About The Most Attractive Clothes A Guy Can Wear

Men, let me disclose to you a certain something about first impression that is your wearing clothes. Ladies look at you even before consenting to go out on the town with you, and in the event that you flop in their style or ‘nearness’ meter, you’re not making it anyplace with them. Initial introductions go the distance and you wouldn’t have any desire to bomb in that division presently, okay?

When you get wearing the morning, you clearly need to search bravo and make yourself powerful for the women. That will just occur with two things-dependably tunes in to the women throughout your life about style, and quit wearing pants that are more tightly than butt.

A Nice Fitted Suit:

The Most Attractive Clothes A Guy Can Wear

“I like a man who can fit into a decent suit and demonstrate his body off. Obviously, he should be slender and have a tolerable body to indicate it off through his suit. I don’t care for men who spruce up scruffy, particularly for a formal event or wear free garments. That is to say, what’s the arrangement with payload shorts and a tee that holds tight you like you’re a holder”? – Priyanjali, 32.

A Pair Of Nice Boxers:

The Most Attractive Clothes A Guy Can Wear

“I am a major sucker for men in their boxers. Better believe it, it’s likely the same as men feeling weak at the knees over ladies in their clothing, yet this is extraordinary. I’d like my man to wander about the house in only boxers and it would turn me on, in a split second! I figure boxers ought to end up a genuine thing to wear outside”! – Kritika, 30

A Pair Of Good Sneakers:

The Most Attractive Clothes A Guy Can Wear

“Fundamental great tennis shoes can go far and can be pulled off with a couple of loads or denims even. I am not too huge a fanatic of bright tennis shoes but rather a fundamental dark or white would do. Indeed, even a decent combine of Converse is very cool on a person”. – Hinakshi, 23

A Pink Tee/Shirt:

The Most Attractive Clothes A Guy Can Wear

“For me, pink is related with positive feelings and if a person can pull the shading off, it’s extremely hot. A pleasant light/child pink shirt looks surprising on a man. Who says pink is intended for young ladies?” – Deepti, 28


The Most Attractive Clothes A Guy Can Wear

“It’s a reviving change to see a man in a couple of all around fitted chinos, than the consistent denims or jeans. Khakhi chinos look extremely astonishing on men and in the event that they have an awesome butt, it’s a one-two punch”! – Akanksha, 33

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Polo T-Shirts:

 Most Attractive Clothes A Guy Can Wear

“I like men in Polo tees and lean toward them to slipovers or round necks quickly. They look agreeable, beautiful and smooth, all in the meantime. They’re additionally the best thing to wear on the off chance that you need to explore different avenues regarding diverse hues.” – Harshleen, 25

A Pair Of Aviators:

 Most Attractive Clothes A Guy Can Wear

“Goodness man, at whatever point I see a person in pilots, I simply need to feel free to become acquainted with him better! They look so hot on men and they’re the most classy, outdated things that will never lose their appeal! A man strolling down the road in a couple of good pilots is definitely going to knock some people’s socks off around” – Mansavi, 35

A V-Neck Sweater:

 Most Attractive Clothes A Guy Can Wear

“I feel weak at the knees over men in strong sleepover sweaters. I think they look somewhat tasteful with denims or with some jeans even and it can be utilized for both formal and casual wear. Strong hues characterize the genuine taste of a man. In this way, on the off chance that I see a man in a decent blue sleepover, I’ll certainly look at him”! – Gaura, 24

A Black Henley:

 Most Attractive Clothes A Guy Can Wear

“Henley’s are cool and can be worn with anything, from shorts, to freights, to denims to try and jeans. It’s a stage up from a shirt and awesome for easygoing end of the week wear, I think. Folks pulling off a Henley look darn sure. I LOVE the shading dark, so a dark one does the trap quite well” – Pranchi, 27

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Moved Sleeves:

 Most Attractive Clothes A Guy Can Wear

“I cherish men who roll their shirt sleeves up and demonstrate their lower arms off. Kid, that is such a turn on! It just influences it to appear as though he’s kicking back and unwinding in the wake of doing some rough work throughout the day. I generally demand my man on moving his sleeves up, haha”! – Natasha, 30

Suppressors and Beanies:

 Most Attractive Clothes A Guy Can Wear

“Men in winters need to look warm fluffy and hot, all in the meantime. They ought to resemble some pleasant warm tea. Influencing you to feel great! I cherish men wearing tops, hoodies and beanies for the winter with a decent warm suppressor. They look so enticing”! – Trisha, 29

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